Dhruva Katrekar

UC San Diego , 2021
Ph.D. , Bioengineering
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San Diego

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Dhruva Katrekar is a Ph.D. candidate in the department of Bioengineering at UC San Diego, and works towards addressing some of the key challenges of in vivo gene therapy. During his graduate studies, advised by professor Prashant Mali, Katrekar has pioneered the development of an RNA editing tool for the treatment of rare genetic disorders. He has won awards for presentations at premier gene therapy conferences and garnered acclaim for his work in the broad research community. In addition to a strong publication record, he has been granted multiple provisional patents for his inventions. In the near future, Katrekar aims to enable clinical translation of his research as a novel therapeutic agent to positively impact the lives of patients suffering from rare genetic disorders.


UC San Diego

Ph.D. , Bioengineering

Class of 2021

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