Xin Fang

UC San Diego , 2020
Ph.D. , Bioengineering
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San Diego


Xin Fang is a Ph.D. student in the department of Bioengineering under the advisement of Professor Bernhard Palsson. Xin received her B.S in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Johns Hopkins University in 2014 with multiple awards. Xin has established herself as an exceptional student and researcher at UC San Diego. Xin is studying the gut microbiome in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) using a combination of next-generation sequencing data, systems biology approaches, and bioinformatics tools. She is consistently one of the top performing students in her classes, passed her qualifying exam 'with distinction' AND was awarded the Microbiome AND Microbial Science Initiative Graduate Student Fellowship BY CMI AT UC San Diego. She has also demonstrated her commitment TO the Bioengineering community through the LONG-term mentorship of nine undergraduate students through the BMES AND JUMP programs.


UC San Diego

Ph.D. , Bioengineering

Class of 2020

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