Mohammadjavad Fotouhighazvini

Johns Hopkins University , 2019
Ph.D. , Bioengineering
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Mohammadjavad (Javad) Fotouhighazvini is a Ph.D. candidate of Computer Science at JHU. His research focuses on image-guided-interventions enabled via multi-modal augmented-reality and artificial-intelligence. At JHU, he is a lead researcher who aims to bring physician-centric augmented-reality to the surgery rooms of future. His Ph.D. research is the recipient of the Coulter Award, and he was granted the JHU-APL Graduate Fellowship. The success of his work is the result of strong collaborations with clinicians identifying challenging problems in interventional-medicine, where solutions dramatically transform the surgical outcome. Javad has enjoyed mentoring over 40 students who worked with him towards the clinical translation of this research; including 11 visiting scholars from Europe, 5 master thesis students, and the award winner for best undergraduate researcher of the department. Javad is also part of the active JHU community working to support international students affected by the recent US travel restrictions.


Johns Hopkins University

Ph.D. , Bioengineering

Class of 2019

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