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Report Produced with Siebel Foundation Support Recommends Strategies to Sustain Public Research Universities

ARTICLE BY: The Lincoln Project

The American Academy of Arts and Sciences

April 7th 2016

With support from the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences led a study to assess the implications of declining state support for public research universities (PRUs.)

The American Academy released the final report of the study today. The report, titled Public Research Universities: Recommitting to Lincoln’s Vision—An Educational Compact for the 21st Century, makes recommendations for preserving and strengthening the nation’s PRUs.

Most importantly, the report formulates a new educational compact—a call for state and federal governments, universities, businesses, and philanthropic organizations to come together in support of America’s public research universities. Each sector has a role to play in preserving and strengthening these institutions, which are an essential component of the nation’s intellectual infrastructure and a key driver of American education, research, culture, and the national economy.

The report was produced by members of the Academy's Lincoln Project, which brought together leaders representing public higher education, government, policy, business, and philanthropy to identify common concerns and advance innovative initiatives. Thomas Siebel was an advisor to The Lincoln Project.