| August 29, 2018

2018 Siebel Scholars Conference: The Social Implications of AI

The era of artificial intelligence is no longer a futuristic term. With great promises of human benefit, AI is rapidly being embedded in our daily lives impacting choices we make in healthcare, transportation, education, entertainment, government, and public safety.

As our society becomes more automated and connected, it is clear that two worlds await us: one where considerable social and economic benefits will result, and one where adverse implications need to be anticipated and addressed. Implications being weaved into our societal construct include how automation will impact privacy, security, cyber security, identity theft, weaponization of social media and AI, and the myriad ways bad actors will try to gain control of and influence such systems.

Warnings from artificial intelligence industry leaders and researchers only add fuel to the AI fire. The Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) argues a third revolution in warfare is underway, while a recent report cautions AI is on the cusp of being a catastrophic force as rival states, criminals, and terrorists use its scale and efficiency to launch finely-targeted and highly efficient attacks. These warnings further underscore the need to be prepared, not scared of, AI advancements and urge policymakers, technologists, academics and others to work together to prevent future calamity, getting AI under control before it controls human society.

This year’s conference, The Social Implications of AI, will bring together luminaries including Garry Kasparov, World Chess Champion and Chairman, Human Rights Foundation, Ajay Agrawal, Author, Prediction Machines, Pedro Domingos, Author, The Master Algorithm, Naveen Rao, Intel GM of AI Products and Max Tegmark, Author, Life 3.0, to debate the societal and ethical implications of artificial intelligence.

Panel discussions at the #SiebelAIConf will focus on these key areas:

AI: What’s the Catch?

  • What are the human consequences of AI?
  • To what extent is AI innovation outpacing regulatory checks and balances?
  • Why may AI one day escape human control?
  • Where can AI make the greatest impact?
  • How is AI paving the way to new applications offering enormous social benefit?


Weaponized AI: Promise or Peril?

  • What are the biggest threats in weaponizing AI?
  • To what extent can actions be taken to mitigate risk?
  • Who is most vulnerable for attack?
  • Why is more AI the only way to combat weaponized AI?
  • How can weaponizing AI amplify the power of adversaries?


Learn more at https://www.siebelai.org/.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Posted by Bianca Buckridee

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