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C3 IoT: Is Tom Siebel's Startup An Emerging Powerhouse?

ARTICLE BY: Charles Babcock


August 10th 2016

After getting its start in the global energy industry, Tom Siebel’s startup C3 IoT is now making big gains in a range of industrial IoT applications.

"We are two to three years ahead of every other company," Siebel said in an interview with InformationWeek.

C3 IoT has a set of 11 practical, IoT applications already written and implemented by 20 customers, and its public utility system is one of the largest IoT production systems in the world. The public utility system collects data from energy companies in Italy, Spain, and other parts of Western Europe via 70 million sensors. The data is fed into C3's collection and analysis systems.

In one customer case, C3 IoT is collecting 350GB of data per day and entering it all into a 7 billion-row database, which has already accumulated 750TB of data, Siebel said. C3 IoT, however, wasn't originally conceived as an IoT player. It was previously known as C3 Energy. The IoT addition to its name is a relatively recent phenomenon.

C3 came to the industrial internet by way of instrumenting and analyzing data from gas and electric utilities. Pacific Gas & Electric is one of its customers, along with the New Orleans giant Entergy. The young C3 Energy struck pay dirt in Europe, where it signed up Enel (National Entity for Electricity) in Rome, running utilities in Italy and Spain, as well as Engie in Courbevoie, France.

With those two customers, it installed "the largest set of IoT production applications on earth," Siebel said.