Bailey Flanigan

Carnegie Mellon University , 2024
Ph.D. , Computer Science
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Bailey is a fourth-year PhD student in computer science. Her research is interdisciplinary, combining tools from computer science and political science to design and analyze more equitable, effective democratic decision processes. Three major threads of her work consider (a) how to ensure just representation of minority groups in voting systems; (b) why deliberation can improve political decisions; and (c) how to fairly and transparently select participants of deliberative minipublics. Outside of research, Bailey is passionate about equitable education: Bailey led the development and teaching of CS-JEDI, an introductory DEI course for first-year CS PhD students at CMU. Prior to her PhD at Carnegie Mellon, Bailey did her Bachelor?s degree at UW-Madison in Bioengineering, completed a 1-year research fellowship at Yale Economics, and researched public health in the rural South African community of Zithulele.


Carnegie Mellon University

Ph.D. , Computer Science

Class of 2024

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