Andrew McNutt

University of Chicago , 2023
Ph.D. , Computer Science
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Andrew McNutt is a sixth-year Ph.D. student advised by Professor Ravi Chugh. His research lies in the intersection of human-computer interaction and information visualization. He seeks to aid and augment high-knowledge tasks, such as end-user data science and creative coding, through the design of polite malleable interfaces. This work is buttressed by critical investigations of theories in and of visualization that span evaluative and ethical concerns. In addition to collaborating broadly (with projects ranging across ML/NLP, digital humanities, and HCI), he has published several solo-authored papers. His work has appeared at top HCI conferences (including CHI, EuroVIS, VIS, and UIST) where it has received multiple honorable mention awards. He is an active contributor to the visualization community (as a workshop organizer and award-winning reviewer) and the UChicago CS educational community (where he has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in data visualization).


University of Chicago

Ph.D. , Computer Science

Class of 2023

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