Ming Yang Lu

MIT , 2023
Ph.D. , Computer Science


Ming (Max) Lu is a PhD student at MIT EECS advised by Dr. Faisal Mahmood at Harvard Medical School. His current research interests include computational pathology, analysis of spatial biology data and machine learning for healthcare. He obtained his B.S. degree in biomedical engineering and applied math and statistics from Johns Hopkins University. Before starting his PhD, his research focused on developing deep learning algorithms for cancer diagnosis and prognosis based on large scale quantitative analysis of digital histopathology images. His work on developing data-efficient methods for computational pathology was published in Nature Biomedical Engineering and his work on developing AI models for cancers of unknown primary was published in Nature. During his PhD, he hopes to leverage machine learning, statistical inference and multi-modal biological data to advance knowledge discovery in medicine and improve patient care.



Ph.D. , Computer Science

Class of 2023

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