Shivam Duggal

Carnegie Mellon University , 2023
M.A. , Computer Science


Shivam Duggal is a Master's student at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute, advised by Prof. Deepak Pathak. Before joining CMU in Fall 2021, Shivam worked as a Research Scientist at Uber ATG's self-driving department in Toronto, where he was advised by Prof. Raquel Urtasun. He joined Uber ATG in 2018 through the renowned AI Residency program as 1 of 3 AI residents selected worldwide. He did his undergraduate study at Delhi Technological University (DTU/ DCE), India. His research focuses on 3D computer vision, predominantly 3D scene understanding, reconstruction, simulation, and its application to robot learning and AR/ VR. He has published multiple papers in top-tier conferences at CVPR and ICCV, including a best paper award finalist at CVPR 2021.


Carnegie Mellon University

M.A. , Computer Science

Class of 2023

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