Lijun Yu

Carnegie Mellon University , 2021
M.S. , Computer Science
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Lijun Yu is an Master of Language Technologies student advised by Prof. Alexander Hauptmann in the School of Computer Science at CMU. He has obtained the highest QPA (4.25/4.33) in his class. His research focuses on improving public safety by understanding surveillance videos in 3D. He has published eight papers with four of them as first-author in top academic conferences. Aiming to save lives, he designed a video-based traffic danger recognition system that detects car crashes to alert first responders and p proactively identifies high-risk traffic areas. He worked on activity detection in surveillance videos to spot suspicious behaviors. His team has won multiple professional challenges in 2020, including the CVPR AI City challenge and TRECVID ActEV competition. Before coming to CMU, he co-founded a startup named GamesMind, and was a research intern at Microsoft. He holds double bachelors degrees in computer science and economics from Peking University with the highest GPA in his class.


Carnegie Mellon University

M.S. , Computer Science

Class of 2021

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