Xaioyue Cui

Carnegie Mellon University , 2019
M.S. , Computer Science
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Xiaoyue came to her MS studies in Computational Biology having worked on several research projects in computational, molecular, and synthetic biology. She worked in Julie Ahringers group at Cambridge University on sequence determinants of transcription directionality, identifying several promoter and enhancer sequence patterns in the C. elegans genome that influence transcript stability. She also did a project on lncRNA evolution in human subpopulations in Ge Gao’s group at Peking University, identifying several genes under positive selection in the African subgroup. She also was part of two gold medal-winning teams in the iGEM synthetic biology competition, developing recombinant E. coli implementing a model of light-induced biological data storage. She recently started a research project in Russell Schwartz’ group working on predicting tumor progression using models of evolution of cancer cell populations.


Carnegie Mellon University

M.S. , Computer Science

Class of 2019

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