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With more than 90 new Siebel Scholars each year, our community is growing fast. To learn about a Siebel Scholar, click any name below or search by name.

Namesort icon Year School Study Location
Zhanpeng Fang 2016 Tsinghua CS Computer Science China
Ronnie Fang 2015 UC San Diego Bioengineering Bioengineering San Diego, CA
Hui Fang 2002 UIUC CS Computer Science Mountain View, CA
Steve Fechheimer 2005 Chicago Booth School Business Winnetka, IL
Francisco Feijo Delgado 2013 MIT Bioengineering Bioengineering Switzerland
Eric Fellheimer 2006 MIT CS Computer Science
Guillaume Fernet 2011 MIT Sloan Business France
Maria Ferrara 2017 Politecnico di Torino Energy Energy Science Italy
Anne Field 2008 Chicago Booth School Business Chicago, IL
Kathryn Fink 2016 UC Berkeley Bioengineering Bioengineering Canada
R. Neale Fisher 2006 Chicago Booth School Business Atlanta, GA
Douglas Fisher 2003 UPenn Wharton Business Business Woodside, CA
Michael Fitzpatrick 2015 Stanford CS Computer Science Chesterfield, MO
Matthew Fong 2015 UC Berkeley CS Computer Science Fremont, CA
Michael Forbes 2011 MIT CS Computer Science Menlo Park, CA
Chris Fosdick 2006 Northwestern Kellogg Business Naperville, IL
Stephanie Fraley 2012 Johns Hopkins Bioengineering Bioengineering San Diego, CA
Steven Fransblow 2006 MIT Sloan Business Needham, MA
Emma and Freeman 2015 MIT Sloan Business Seattle, WA
Jodie Frenkiel 2008 Northwestern Kellogg Business Canada
Ohad Fried 2017 Princeton University CS Computer Science Palo-Alto, CA
Sarah Friedrich 2018 Johns Hopkins Bioengineering Bioengineering Baltimore, MD
Peter Frith 2001 Stanford GSB Business Berkeley Heights, NJ
Annie Furr 2018 Northwestern Kellogg Business Evanston, IL
Laurie Gallien Miller 2013 Northwestern Kellogg Business San Francisco, CA
Charles Gammal 2010 MIT Sloan Business MA
Alizeh Gangji 2016 Northwestern Kellogg Business Evanston,
Raghu Ganti 2010 UIUC CS Computer Science White Plains, NY
Jingkun Gao 2017 Carnegie Mellon University Energy Energy Science Pittsburgh, PA
Xi Gao 2014 Harvard University CS Computer Science Canada
Jun Gao 2004 Carnegie Mellon University CS Computer Science PA
Kristen Gardner 2017 Carnegie Mellon University CS Computer Science Amherst, MA
Ankit Garg 2016 Princeton University CS Computer Science cambridge,
Mudit Garg 2012 Stanford GSB Business Mountain View, CA
David Garmire 2007 UC Berkeley CS Computer Science Honolulu, HI
Mark Gates 2006 UIUC CS Computer Science Knoxville, TN
John Gatlin 2001 UPenn Wharton Business Business Bellaire, TX
Jeanne Gatto 2013 Northwestern Kellogg Business Chicago, IL
Jing Ge 2015 MIT Bioengineering Bioengineering Cambridge, MA
Rong Ge 2013 Princeton University CS Computer Science China
Steven Gearhart 2001 Northwestern Kellogg Business River Forest, IL
Kevin Geehr 2015 MIT Sloan Business Alameda, CA
Max Gelb 2017 Chicago Booth School Business Newport Beach, CA
Zhaowei Geng 2017 Tsinghua Energy Energy Science China
William Gent 2018 Stanford Energy Energy Science Redwood City, CA
Anneliese Gerland 2009 Northwestern Kellogg Business Portland, ME
Jeremy Getson 2004 Chicago Booth School Business Riverside, CT
Rayid Ghani 2001 Carnegie Mellon University CS Computer Science Chicago, IL
Maral Gharib 2010 UC Berkeley Bioengineering Bioengineering Altadena, CA
Armen Gharibans 2017 UC San Diego Bioengineering Bioengineering San Diego, CA