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With more than 90 new Siebel Scholars each year, our community is growing fast. To learn about a Siebel Scholar, click any name below or search by name.

Namesort icon Year School Study Location
Gary Lee 2010 UC Berkeley Bioengineering Bioengineering San Mateo, CA
Yun Young Lee 2010 UIUC CS Computer Science Seattle, WA
Tracy Lee 2005 Stanford CS Computer Science San Mateo, CA
Ivan Lee 2005 UIUC CS Computer Science Albuquerque, NM
Alon Lederman 2001 MIT Sloan Business New York, NY
Guy Lebanon 2005 Carnegie Mellon University CS Computer Science Campbell, CA
Caroline Le Floch 2017 UC Berkeley Energy Energy Science France
John Law 2007 Chicago Booth School Business Boston, MA
Shane Lauf 2011 Stanford GSB Business Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Adam Laud 2001 UIUC CS Computer Science Downers Grove, IL
Peter Lau 2008 UC Berkeley CS Computer Science Belmont, CA
Edmond Lau 2006 MIT CS Computer Science Palo Alto, CA
Michael Lasota 2008 Chicago Booth School Business Deer Park, IL
Jamison Larsen 2008 Chicago Booth School Business Seattle, WA
Raul Lara 2009 Chicago Booth School Business Greenwich, NY
Phil Lapsley 2003 MIT Sloan Business Oakland, CA
John Langford 2002 Carnegie Mellon University CS Computer Science Scarsdale, NY
Akhil Langer 2012 UIUC CS Computer Science India
Ryan Lang 2003 MIT CS Computer Science Gainesville, FL
Benoit Landry 2015 MIT CS Computer Science Canada
Jereme Lamps 2015 UIUC CS Computer Science LaSalle, IL
Michelle Lam 2019 Stanford CS Computer Science Cary, NC
Amy Lam 2012 Stanford Bioengineering Bioengineering Sacramento, CA
Kevin Lalande 2001 Harvard University Business Business Austin, TX
Jackie Laine 2017 Northwestern Kellogg Business Los Angeles, CA
Hsin-Yu Lai 2016 MIT CS Computer Science Taiwan
Gaurav Lahoti 2014 UIUC CS Computer Science Mountain View, CA
Burt LaFountain 2009 MIT Sloan Business Boston, MA
Alok Ladsariya 2011 Chicago Booth School Business Chicago, IL
Sofia Kyriazopoulou Panagiotopoulou 2013 Stanford CS Computer Science Redwood City, CA
Carmen Kut 2015 Johns Hopkins Bioengineering Bioengineering Baltimore, MD
Sravanti Kusuma 2014 Johns Hopkins Bioengineering Bioengineering Chicago, IL
Jose Kunnackal 2015 Northwestern Kellogg Business Redmond, WA
Manu Kumar 2019 MIT Bioengineering Bioengineering Yorktown Heights, NY
Anuj Kumar 2014 Carnegie Mellon University CS Computer Science Santa Clara, CA
Chinmay Kulkarni 2014 Stanford CS Computer Science Pittsburgh, PA
Tracy Kryger 2001 UC Berkeley CS Computer Science Oak Park, CA
Bryon Krug 2005 Harvard University Business Business Arlington, VA
Ashley Kroll 2019 UC San Diego Bioengineering Bioengineering San Diego, CA
Erik Krogen 2016 UC Berkeley CS Computer Science San Francisco, CA
Manoj Krishnan 2013 UIUC CS Computer Science Sunnyvale, CA
Rajesh Krishnan 2001 Chicago Booth School Business San Carlos, CA
Prasanna Krishnan 2001 UIUC CS Computer Science philadelphia, PA
Benjamin Kotopka 2018 Stanford Bioengineering Bioengineering Stanford, CA
Alyssa Kosmides Galaro 2018 Johns Hopkins Bioengineering Bioengineering Columbia, MD
Uma Koshy 2008 Carnegie Mellon University CS Computer Science Chicago, IL
Emma Kornetsky 2020 MIT Sloan Business
Rhiannon Kopynec 2014 MIT Sloan Business Williamstown, MA
Carolyn Kooi 2017 Stanford GSB Business San Francisco, CA
Erik Kolstö 2003 Chicago Booth School Business Germany