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With more than 90 new Siebel Scholars each year, our community is growing fast. To learn about a Siebel Scholar, click any name below or search by name.

Name Year School Study Locationsort icon
Hasan Celiker 2011 MIT CS Computer Science
Tao Wang 2011 Stanford CS Computer Science
Song Yang Lee 2010 Chicago Booth School Business
Chuba Oyolu 2010 Stanford Bioengineering Bioengineering
ShiYu Yan 2010 Tsinghua CS Computer Science
Alexandre Bouchard-Cote 2010 UC Berkeley CS Computer Science
Akshaya Gulhati 2007 Northwestern Kellogg Business
Sriram Sankaranarayanan 2005 Stanford CS Computer Science
Aleksandar Nanevski 2004 Carnegie Mellon University CS Computer Science
Tyson Condie 2004 Stanford CS Computer Science
Oliver Bergmann 2003 MIT Sloan Business
Guido Meardi 2003 MIT Sloan Business
Francois-Marie Lefevere 2003 Stanford CS Computer Science
Carl Harris 2002 Harvard University Business Business
Emanuela Cancogni 2002 Northwestern Kellogg Business
Yannick Moy 2002 Stanford CS Computer Science
James Jackson 2002 UIUC CS Computer Science
Sergei Spiridonov 2001 Harvard University Business Business
Hala Fadel 2001 MIT Sloan Business
Eugene Nudelman 2001 Stanford CS Computer Science
Ekta Manaktala 2001 UIUC CS Computer Science