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MIT Siebel Scholar has Developed Algorithms that Help Drones Dodge Obstacles

ARTICLE BY: Adam Conner-Simons

MIT News

January 19th 2016

Siebel Scholar Benoit Landry (MIT CS '15) is part of the  MIT team that created software that allows drones to stop on a dime to make hairpin movements around some distinct obstacles.

Landry, who now works for 3D Robotics in California, is hopeful that other academics will build on and refine the researchers’ work, which is all open-source and available on github.

“A big challenge for industry is determining which technologies are actually mature enough to use in real products,” Landry says. “The best way to do that is to conduct experiments that focus on all of the corner cases and can demonstrate that algorithms like these will actually work 99.999 percent of the time.”


Siebel Scholars can connect with Landry by logging into our Community Website.