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Chicago Field Museum Event Recap

Jed Taylor, UIUC Computer Science, Class of 2003

April 12th 2010

A group of Siebel Scholars and other friends were hosted on April 8th at the Chicago Field Museum by John McCarter (President and CEO of the Museum). We were taken several floors below ground and given a behind the scenes tour of some of the exhibits by several of the museum curators. Some of the stops included the cryogenics department, racks of dinosaur bones, and the wet-specimen collection of bats and snakes. I think we were all surprised at the shear volume of specimens that the museum collects and houses (over 25 million).

After the tour the group was able to interact with several of curators who had put some of their work on display at several kiosks around the room. Here we learned more about the Encyclopedia of Life project that they are currently working on along with other challenges that they are studying -- such as the Asian carp problem that the Midwest is dealing with.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable evening and was good to see everyone and meet some of the new Siebel Scholars. Everyone stayed after the tour and exhibits for cocktails and food.

Thanks to everyone that attended and especially to those that helped coordinate the event. Hope to see everyone in the area at the next event in Chicago.