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2012 Siebel Scholars Impact Award Winners Announced

Siebel Scholars Impact Award Winners Announced

Siebel Foundation and Siebel Scholars to support innovative, philanthropic endeavors

PALO ALTO, Calif.—February 8, 2012—African Leadership Academy, Revive the Dream Institute, and Sanergy are the recipients of the 2012 Siebel Scholars Impact Award, a program designed to inspire, reward, and accelerate Siebel Scholars’ philanthropic initiatives that demonstrate promise for significant societal change.
“I am honored that African Leadership Academy was chosen as a winner of the inaugural Siebel Scholars Impact Award,” said Chris Bradford, its co-founder, and a Siebel Scholar, Class of 2005 from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.  “For these young African leaders to reach their potential, we must connect them to opportunity – individuals and networks like Siebel Scholars – with whom they can further their transformative impact.”
Winners will share almost $400,000 in grants from the Siebel Foundation and assistance from the Siebel Scholars community: 
  • $250,000 was awarded to African Leadership Academy to further its mission to foster peace and prosperity in Africa by developing and connecting its future leaders. The organization identifies 100 of Africa’s most promising young leaders each year for its rigorous two-year pre-university program, which has a special focus on entrepreneurial leadership. The Academy’s graduates receive scholarships to attend Ivy League and other preeminent universities, and return to Africa after graduation. These young entrepreneurial leaders have created jobs, brought villages clean drinking water, and built new infrastructure in their home countries, prompting recognition by the World Economic Forum. African Leadership Academy ( was co-founded by Christopher Bradford, a Siebel Scholar, Class of 2005 from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business.  


  • $50,000 was awarded to Revive the Dream Institute, which recruits industry leaders across the country and develops them into education reform advocates who can navigate the system’s complexities, marshal resources, and leverage networks to transform K-12 education in the United States.  After a year of comprehensive training with preeminent education experts, these Revive the Dream fellows are matched with educational organizations, where they serve as board members and strategic partners, driving much needed innovation and reform.  Revive the Dream ( was founded by Michael Rosskamm, a Siebel Scholar, Class of 2008 from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.


  • $40,000 was awarded to advance Sanergy’s efforts to permanently reduce sanitation-related disease in Africa’s urban slums by making sanitation accessible, affordable, and sustainable.  Sanergy franchises high-quality, low-cost toilets to local entrepreneurs, and collects the waste to convert into high-margin products, such as electricity and organic fertilizer.  At each step in the process, Sanergy creates jobs and opportunity, while addressing social and economic needs.  Sanergy ( was co-founded by Lindsay Stradley, a Siebel Scholar, Class of 2011 from Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management.
Launched in the fall of 2011, Siebel Scholars designed the Impact Award to identify, recognize, and further innovative solutions and programs—from Scholars themselves—that address critical social issues such as public health, education, and energy.  In addition to monetary awards, winners gain critical support from the broader Siebel Scholars community, comprised of over 700 of the most talented students and alumni of the world’s leading graduate schools of business, bioengineering, and computer science. 
Stradley has already seen results of this collaboration, having hired graduates of African Leadership Academy to manage Sanergy’s sales and marketing efforts in Nairobi.  “These promising entrepreneurs have been instrumental in helping our young organization develop,” said Stradley.  “Partnerships with ALA and the Siebel Scholars community aid us in our goal of empowering local individuals to deliver a lasting solution to important social challenges.”
Siebel Scholars and alumni – now Fortune 500 executives, successful entrepreneurs, and cutting edge researchers worldwide – have pledged strategic, technical, and operational assistance to the Impact Award winners.  
Rosskamm cites the Siebel Scholars Impact Award as the spark he needed to expand his organization.  “Now we can build upon our early successes and continue to grow capacity,” said Rosskamm.  Revive the Dream plans to expand into additional cities, with Siebel Scholars helping to recruit fellows, develop and standardize programs, and build partnerships.
With the Siebel Scholars’ unique network – bringing together diverse insights and perspectives from business and engineering disciplines at the forefront of solutions to world-changing problems – the winners are poised to create lifelong, sustainable communities of their own to affect significant change. 
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