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A Class Apart: About the Siebel Scholars Program

Program Overview

The Siebel Scholars program was established by the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation in 2000 to recognize the most talented students at the world’s leading graduate schools of business, computer science, bioengineering, and energy science. Each year, more than 90 graduate students at the top of their class are selected during their final year of studies based on outstanding academic performance and leadership to receive a $35,000 award toward their final year of studies. Today, our active community of over 1,200 Siebel Scholars serves as advisors to the Siebel Foundation and works collaboratively to find solutions to society’s most pressing problems. 

For more information, download the Siebel Scholars Foundation Brochure.



Participating Universities

Siebel Scholars are selected at the world’s top graduate programs in business, computer science, bioengineering, and energy science at these prestigious universities.

Post Job Openings to Our Community Website

The Siebel Scholars community represents a pool of top talent from which to recruit. Job requisitions posted on the Siebel Scholars community website reach a highly targeted group of candidates in a password-protected environment, where Siebel Scholars participate in active discussions. 

To tap this resource: send a company overview, job description, and contact information to: postajob AT siebel DOT org


Funding for the Siebel Scholars program was established through grants of more than $45 million. 

Thomas & Stacey Siebel Foundation

Established as a private foundation in 1996, the Thomas and Stacey Siebel Foundation is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation. Its mission is to support projects and organizations that work to improve the quality of life, environment, and education of its community members. To learn more about the Siebel Foundation, visit