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2011 - Mingming Fan

Mingming Fan is passionate about merging information technology into our daily lives. His graduate research at Tsinghua University focuses on human-computer interaction through sensors, such as the accelerometer in a cell phone that allows you to play a racing game by tilting the phone back and forth to control the car. 

But what if this same technology could be used to sense an elderly patient slipping and falling in his home, and immediately call his doctor for help? As mobile phones become more ubiquitous, Mingming wants to make our daily lives easier through smart technologies. His research seeks to shield the sensors from background interference (such as noise or irrelevant movements), and find ways to focus it on only the relevant inputs. For example, is the noise coming from the user or a television in the background? Is the person slipping, or just picking up an object from the floor?

Mingming is also researching large-scale touch-screen interactions. Multi-touch tables allow people to collaborate by touching the table surface at the same time. For example, a team could design a website by having multiple people move modules around on the same surface. Currently, these devices are restricted by size, so Mingming’s group is combining several surfaces into one large table to better facilitate team collaboration.

After completing his Master’s degree in Computer Science, Mingming hopes to pursue a Ph.D. program in the United States to continue his research in human-computer interaction. Driven by the motto “think big, do small,” he works on small, focused projects that will have a big impact. His goal is to move research work out of the lab into technology solutions that significantly improve our daily lives.