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2011 - Guillaume Fernet

Guillaume Fernet decided to enter the energy industry for two main reasons: he wanted a career in which he could provide a form of public service, and he wanted to provide a product that would always be in demand, like power and electricity.

Prior to attending MIT’s Sloan School of Management for his Master’s degree, Guillaume worked at one of the world’s largest electrical utilities, Électricité de France (EDF) in both London, UK and Paris, France. His responsibilities ranged from financial analyses on renewable energy projects, to helping EDF adjust to the business and cultural changes needed as it transitioned from a monopoly position in France to a multi-national competitive environment.

A summer internship at Boston-based EnerNOC offered Guillaume the opportunity to look at the infrastructure side of the energy business as he evaluated their smart grid strategy. EnerNOC’s solutions incentivize organizations to reduce usage at peak times, minimizing the load on the electricity grid to preserve reliability. The “smart” in the smart grid comes from sensors placed at different points throughout the grid that measure how much power is flowing between the power plant and electricity consumers. With the roll-out of smart meters, which provided additional insight into power demands, Guillaume evaluated EnerNOC’s opportunities to design innovative solutions to optimize the grid’s efficiency and help customers identify energy saving opportunities.

Guillaume is a graduate from the Ecole Polytechnique in France, where he studied Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Economics. Eventually, he hopes to move back to Europe and implement the new efficient technologies being developed by companies like EnerNOC. Guillaume and his wife, a researcher in immunology at Harvard, are the proud parents of a two-year-old son. They spend their time outdoors, enjoying sailing, hunting, and teaching their son to play guitar, a musical instrument in which he already has a keen interest.