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2011 - Adam Skory

Having studied seven languages, lived in five countries, and taught English in two of them, Adam Skory is well versed in the challenges of learning a new language.

Rather than using traditional computer-assisted learning methods like intelligent tutoring, Adam is developing games to make learning a language more fun. His current project is focused on university-level test preparation, such as the GRE, TOEFL, and TOEIC tests. This allows him to pilot his concept with a targeted curriculum on large groups of highly motivated students who have a limited timeframe in which to learn English. Ultimately, he plans to build a platform that can easily be expanded as the curriculum grows, or that other developers can use to create their own educational games.

While receiving his Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from UCLA, Adam took computational linguistics courses and discovered it provided a tangible way to apply the theories from his linguistics classes through computer programming. Since Adam had always programmed as a hobby, it was a natural step to pursue his Master’s degree in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University’s Language Technologies Institute.

Adam enjoys his research and plans to apply to CMU’s Ph.D. program to continue his work, but he’ll likely return to the business world to commercialize his research after completing his studies. He already has entrepreneurial experience as Co-founder of a company that develops electronic sensory extensions through wearable computers. Currently, their product is sold as a kit with all the parts needed to make a haptic compass that straps to your ankle and contains little vibrating motors that let the wearer always find magnetic north. He is currently in discussions with investors to manufacture and distribute their product at scale.