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2010 - Xin Yang

If you’ve ever waited for a transit schedule to load on your smart phone and then tried to browse a table of stations and times meant for a larger screen, you can appreciate the problem that Xin Yang is working to solve.  Her doctoral research is focused on adaptive browsing technology that will make it easier and more efficient to surf the Web using a mobile device.

Xin is researching ways to adapt Web pages designed for PCs to the smaller screens of mobile devices.  This adaptation is important to users who need to browse tables on Web sites, for example.  Many Web sites use tables to organize data.  Xin has developed custom software that lets the user control his or her view of a Web table—by sorting information or hiding irrelevant columns, for example—when browsing the Web on a handheld device such as a smart phone.  Xin has presented her work to technology manufacturers and at industry events such as the Web Intelligence conference in Milan, Italy and at the Human-Computer Interaction conference in San Diego, Calif.  Her research has appeared in publications such as the World Wide Web Journal.

In addition to her graduate work, Xin has guided the Chinese Communist Party Construction work for graduate students in her department.  She has also participated in planning other activities, such as talk-show-style serial events where Tsinghua University alumni shared their practical advice for success.  Xin plans to work for the state or in the private sector, and then teach at a university.