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2010 - Terrell Green

Terrell Green is pursuing her Ph.D. in Bioengineering, where she has combined her interests in medicine, engineering, and mathematics to investigate a single gene’s contribution to red blood cell mechanics.  But her work in student leadership catalyzed her decision to enter a career in science policy after graduation.

While serving as Vice President of External Affairs for the UC San Diego Graduate Student Association, Terrell identified graduate student health insurance as an issue throughout the 10-campus UC system.  She has continued to champion that issue in her role as Board Chair of the University of California Students Association (UCSA), where she has been working closely with the UC Office of the President and the UC Board of Regents to lobby for significant changes in the graduate student health insurance policy, including more affordable coverage for families in a system wide plan with uniform benefits.

Terrell says that she first considered the potential for combining her leadership skills with her aptitude for engineering when she was initially considering entering the field of stem cell research.  As policymakers debated which aspects of stem cell research to fund, she was surprised by their apparent lack of information about the subject.  That concern, coupled with her subsequent UCSA leadership experience, clinched her decision to put her scientific expertise in the service of public policy.  Terrell has applied to the Presidential Management Fellows Program, where she hopes to secure a two-year assignment with the National Institutes of Health or the National Science Foundation.

Wherever her professional path takes her, Terrell also plans to teach.  From personal experience and summers teaching in the California State Summer School for Math and Science, Terrell finds great reward in encouraging students to pursue careers in science and engineering.