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2010 - Sarah Hemminger

From top athlete to top of her class: Sarah Hemminger has made her mark as an international-level ice dancer, breaking new ground in motor memory research—and leading 350 of her fellow graduate students to empower Baltimore’s underserved teenagers.

A paper by an advisor brought Sarah’s diverse interests into focus and led her to investigate the way people learn new motor tasks. Her doctoral research is with patients suffering from cerebellar ataxia, characterized by an inability to coordinate physical movement. Sarah is working with these patients to determine ways they learn new motor skills.

As Sarah was driving to the Johns Hopkins graduate school campus, she noticed the markedly poor conditions at a neighboring high school and was moved to action. In 2004, she founded the Incentive Mentoring Program (IMP) for students at the school who were most at risk. Today, more than 350 Johns Hopkins graduate students are helping fill the gaps in academic and social support to see these teens all the way through college. Community service is a requisite part of the program, and Sarah finds that high-school and graduate students alike gain a sense of self-worth and perspective on their own lives, by helping others.

Sarah has published several articles in Journal of Neuroscience and Journal of Neurophysiology and has presented her work at conferences including the Society for Neuroscience. Her humanitarian work has earned recognition including the Martin Luther King Jr. Award and the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship.