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2010 - Raymond Cheong

Growing up in a family of engineers, Raymond Cheong knew early on that he wanted to become an engineer too.  His journey toward a Ph.D. in biomedical engineering Johns Hopkins—and a joint degree in medicine—began in earnest when he attended a summer program that introduced him to research at the university as a high school student.  There, his mentor encouraged him to combine research and clinical practice and to focus on scientific problems with medical importance. 

Today, Raymond’s studies focus on intercellular communication, or “signaling.”  He explores how diseased cells—like those affected by cancer or rheumatoid arthritis—interpret and respond to signals from healthy cells.  Because cells’ signaling mechanisms and inflammation-type responses are complex, he uses his research findings to create mathematical models that can help predict how diseased cells will interpret the signals.  He then experimentally verifies the outcomes that his models predict, using test devices including one that he developed and patented that can accurately measure cell responses using exceptionally small quantities of cells.  Raymond’s work could have broad applications, such as screening for drug candidates and then gauging their performance.

Thousands of students worldwide are familiar with Raymond’s extracurricular activities, as well.  He founded the Baltimore County Mathematics League, a program that cultivates talented math students from 12 public high schools to compete each year in the national American Regions Mathematics League contest.  Also, Raymond’s informal compilation of medical education resources and lecture notes is now a popular online resource among medical students, who access it from around the world.