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2010 - Jason Robinson

From fundamental aspects of combustion-related chemicals to next-generation processor technologies, Jason Robinson’s career has been fueled by a keen interest in the details of how things work.  At the Kellogg School of Management, he’s building on his scientific training and practical experience to bring his domain expertise to industry, potentially as part of a commercial venture.

Initially a pre-med student, Jason quickly determined his preference for research and basic science and earned a double bachelor’s degree in chemistry and psychology through the Honors Program at the University of Georgia, followed by a Ph.D. in physical chemistry at the University of California, Berkeley.  There, Jason studied controlled chemical reactions to understand how energy transferred during these reactions.  As a postdoctoral fellow, he developed a novel technique with potential applications in energy efficiency.

Jason turned from basic research to applied science after his postdoctoral studies. He worked in technology development engineering for five years at Intel Corporation, where he developed cutting-edge semiconductor manufacturing processes. 

Jason is building on the operational insights he gained at Intel by pursuing an MBA and venture capital-related experience.  He is the overall conference chair for the 2010 Kellogg Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference, and was selected for the Kellogg Venture Lab, where he worked at the Illinois Innovation Accelerator Fund reviewing over 40 deals, including investment opportunities in the semiconductor and consumer electronics industries.  Jason also organized a Bay Area Venture Capital Career “trek” for 11 students to meet with VC firms.

Jason will receive his master’s in Business Administration in June 2010.