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2010 - Iain Ware

Iain Ware has traveled from Lake Victoria in Tanzania to warehouses in central California in pursuit of breakthrough answers to big problems—and taking a major turn in the process from his initial focus on academia towards a career in business.

After graduating from Yale University, Iain joined McKinsey & Co., where he enjoyed the pace and nature of his work as a Business Analyst and was inspired by the Touch Foundation, a McKinsey senior partner’s nonprofit venture.  Iain traveled to Tanzania to help the foundation fill the critical shortage in healthcare workers by helping local organizations increase their training capacity for new physicians, nurses, and clinicians. 

Seeking new learning opportunities, Iain joined 3i Group as an Associate and helped the global equity firm establish its New York office and complete its first three US private equity investments.  When he entered Stanford’s MBA program, Iain was compelled by the urgency of climate change to learn as much as he could about energy and the environment.  In the spring of 2009, he co-founded Ballast Energy Systems, a start-up focused on aggregating and intelligently managing energy loads across organizations, attracting interest from VC firms such as Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Iain enjoys evaluating different types of businesses and plans to leverage his knowledge and problem solving skills after graduation at private equity firm BainCapital.