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2009 - Howard Bornstein

You’d like to make a charitable donation on behalf of your mom, and you want her to know how the gift will make a difference—but there are thousands of charities in the United States alone, and you don’t have the time or expertise to review information that differs from nonprofit to nonprofit.  How do you decide where to send your check? 

Howard Bornstein got that question from a friend who knew he was working at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and surrounded by experts whose job is to understand global issues, evaluate charities’ effectiveness, and advise where a grant would have the greatest impact.  

The question and his work experience helped crystallize Howard’s longtime interest in building his business and investing skills and applying them to the nonprofit sector, leading him to pursue a joint Master’s degree in Business Administration and Public Policy.  He also got the idea to help people, such as his charity-minded friend.  For those who would like to donate with the same consideration given to investments, Philanthropedia—his brainchild—offers “portfolios” of nonprofits deemed most effective by experts in specific causes, such as the environment, education, or micro-lending.  Howard’s goal is to give everyone access to expert opinion, so that they may practice informed philanthropy, whether they give $10 or $1000 each year.

In addition to launching Philanthropedia, Howard is completing his joint degree studies.  In September 2010, he will return to Bain Capital LLP, where he worked on pharmaceutical, consumer goods, and chemical transactions as a summer associate in 2009.  Contact Howard if you have social causes you would like explored as a priority for Philanthropedia.