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2007 - David Killian

David develops the underlying software infrastructure that serves as the backbone of

As a Software Developer for Amazon’s Distributed Systems Engineering Team, David develops and manages the web service frameworks for Amazon’s service oriented architecture.  These frameworks are used to build both internal and external-facing web services that developers and companies outside of Amazon use.  Every change David’s team makes to the system affects the productivity, associated costs, and efficiency of Amazon’s entire operation.  David enjoys being able to have this kind of impact and also welcomes the diversity of tasks that his job affords, including software development, interface design, and project management.

Before joining Amazon, David focused on information retrieval and machine learning as a graduate and undergraduate student in Computer Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  As part of his research, he developed a web crawler for vertical search engines for hotels, flights, books, and movies.  His previous experience includes developing software at Cazoodle, Inc., coding Space Shuttle Training Simulators at Lockheed Martin Space Operations, and working on super computers used to create simulators for aircraft at Cray Inc.

When he’s not dreaming up improvements to Amazon’s web service frameworks, David enjoys playing poker games and hiking in Seattle.