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2007 - Chen Xiao

If you have ever used Google Analytics, you can thank Chen for the innovative pivoting feature that enables you to see two dimensions of information at once. 

Chen has been a Software Engineer at Google for over three years and in that time has had the opportunity to work on a broad range of projects.   She started out interning in the Adwords group at Google, working on internal tools.  Upon joining Google full time, she worked on its social networking site, Orkut, where she introduced the photo album feature and revamped the look and feel of the website.  After a year and a half on Orkut, she transferred to the Analytics frontend team.  There, she created new features and reporting visualizations that help website managers understand how people use their sites.  Starting last October, Chen took on a new challenge on the Analytics team, working on the underlying architecture that her colleagues use to develop features.   She enjoys seeing the impact of her consumer-facing work and working with super smart people every day.  Chen made her choice to become a software engineer in high school, when she wrote programs for her graphing calculator to help her more quickly solve problems during math competitions.

Chen has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from MIT.  She loves playing tennis and singing.  Her fiancé, Edmond Lau, is also a Siebel Scholar from MIT’s Computer Science program and, together, they enjoy staying connected with the community.