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2007 - Akshay Sethi

Akshay Sethi does it all:  he acts in plays, raises his twin sons, and plays basketball, all while running his family business conglomerate, where again – he excels at a variety of leadership roles. 

Akshay works across all four sectors of The Stellar Group, managing multi-million dollar real estate projects, guiding the growth of the hospitality arm, advising the banking division, and acting as Chief Technology Officer of the information technology branch.

Akshay helped grow his family’s business after college graduation, and then spent two years working in the Development Economics Group at the World Bank, where he helped European and Central Asian governments formulate strategy for and implement more efficient spending in areas such as health, labor, and education.  It was here where Akshay’s strong interest in economic development and sustainability was fortified.

Upon his return to the business after graduation from business school and a stint at McKinsey’s New York office, Akshay incorporated these economic and environmental sustainability principles into his family’s business.  The Stellar Group provides day care and health care to all its laborers working on their real estate construction sites.  The Stellar Group’s buildings are also constructed to enable them to attain a gold standard of energy efficiency, a rating given by the Ministry of Environment in India.  Akshay continues to look for opportunities in various sectors where his family’s company can have a lasting and important impact.