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2005 - Shegan Campbell

Shegan’s exposure to an extracurricular engineering program in his youth helped ignite his passion for math and science, and recently led him to start a new business venture to inspire children through hands-on education.

Shegan majored in electrical engineering at the University of Michigan.  After five summers designing microprocessors at Intel and completing his Master’s degree at Stanford University, Shegan left the world of semiconductors for photonics and took a position as a systems engineer at Lucent Technologies.  After two years, Shegan returned to the Bay Area to lead teams at two VC backed start-ups, Mahi Networks and Clerios, where he was responsible for telecommunications standards, system engineering, and product management teams. In 2002, at the height of tech bubble, Shegan regained his fascination with science at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center while working on the Positron-Electron Project (PEP2).  Looking for a better foundation in business, Shegan received an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and became an Associate at Prudential Capital Group upon graduating.  Five years later, as a Director and with over $1.7 billion of privately held debt and equity investments under his management, Shegan left Prudential to build his own company.

Shegan is now developing an innovative hands-on curriculum to be used in what he hopes will be the first year-round kids-only design lab with a goal of having Kids Science Lab retail locations throughout the U.S.  The design lab enables children, ages 2-12, to build critical thinking skills and learn how stuff works through experimentation, exposing them to science and math in fun and creative ways—at a time when science education in the US is on the decline. 

In addition to his new education venture, Shegan is developing a device for nut allergy sufferers to detect nut proteins in foods, as well as spending time with his wife and daughter.