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2005 - Liesbet Peeters

In the fall of 2004, Liesbet Peters was at a crossroads.  After working with a non-governmental organization to set up a microfinance program in the Ivory Coast, Liesbet knew that she wanted a career in development finance.  But with business school loans looming large in front of her, should she follow her dream, or pursue a well-paying job in finance?

When Liesbet heard she had been recognized as a Siebel Scholar, that decision was clear:  she now could take her dream job in international development upon graduation.  Liesbet spent several years at the World Bank’s Grassroots Business Initiative, assisting with microenterprise development projects in Burkina Faso, Mali, and Nigeria.  In addition to spending over 80% of her time in the field on these projects, she also helped her clients in Cambodia, India, and Nepal to develop income-generating activities for survivors of human trafficking.

Two years ago, Liesbet left the World Bank to start her own company, where she provides advisory services to high net worth individuals and foundations seeking to make philanthropic investments in developing nations.  Liesbet applies the principles of “venture philanthropy” to her clients’ portfolios, in the hopes that the recipients of donations are on the path to self-sustenance while maintaining their strong, positive social or environmental impact.

Liesbet’s personal interests also reflect the combination of her analytical yet adventurous nature.  She is a fan of literature and theater—“Othello” is her favorite work—as well as kite-surfing.  But each of those activities go well with her other passion – enjoying a delicious meal with good conversation, fine wine, and great friends.