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2004 - Trevor Donarski

As an Agile project manager, Trevor Donarski drives teams to maximize their flexibility and collaborate to develop software as quickly and efficiently as possible – in weeks versus the traditional months to launch. 

Currently, Trevor is an Engineering Project Manager for EnerNOC, where he leads the team tasked with developing reporting tools for the company’s product development and support teams, and its corporate customers. Trevor’s work enables tracking and management of energy used by EnerNOC’s customers throughout the year, or during certain events, such as heat waves and cold spells.  These software tools allow utilities to forecast and meet demand, avoid brownouts and blackouts, and significantly reduce costs. Customers require a great deal of reporting flexibility, the ability to process massive amounts of data, and near-instant results.
Trevor also applies his adaptability to his personal life. In 2007 he left the familiarity of the Midwest for Boston without knowing a soul in the city. Once arriving in Boston, Trevor became an avid student of Brazilian jujitsu – a martial art with a focus on sparring and performance rather than linear progression through grades or belts. He trains as often as four days a week. When he’s not working or practicing jujitsu, he enjoys mountain biking and rock climbing.
Trevor holds both his Bachelor’s and his Master’s degrees in Computer Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.