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2004 - Amy Steele

Amy grew up helping her family business organize and sell products at themed fairs, an experience that set her up for a career in the entertainment industry.  After years of working for interactive, video, and mobile gaming companies, Amy is embarking on a new venture.

Amy just started working full-time on opening an American Diner called Route 66, a themed restaurant that will launch at the 2010 World’s Expo in Shanghai and then hopefully be replicated in other cities in the region.

Before going out on her own just a couple weeks ago, Amy was a Senior Director of Marketing at Namco Networks America Inc., a leading publisher and developer of casual video games.  Being the fourth person to join Namco Networks America Inc. six years ago, Amy had the great opportunity to hold many different positions and help the company grow to several hundred people in locations around the world.

Amy describes her background as a fusion of entertainment and entrepreneurship with work experiences at leading companies like Universal Studios, Rhythm and Hues Studios, Sony Pictures Imageworks, and AisA Consulting where she focused on assessing business opportunities in the video game market.

When Amy isn’t busy designing the marketing materials for Route 66, she spends her time following the arts and practicing Krav Maga, a martial art developed for the Israeli military.