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2003 - Phil Lapsley

Phil is an experienced entrepreneur and consultant who recently started writing on computer security.

Phil is currently writing a book on the history of “phone phreaking” – the act of hacking into the phone system to make free calls.  The book follows the exploits of a group of teenagers from the 1960s who were, in some sense, the first network hackers.  Phil became interested in the topic while working as a consultant at McKinsey after graduating with an MBA from MIT Sloan in 2003.  What started initially as a hobby five years ago developed into a full time job; his draft manuscript is halfway done and he is starting to seek out publishers.

Early in Phil’s career he received a Masters in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science degree from UC Berkeley.  He then he started two companies:  Berkeley Design Technology (BDTI) and SmartTouch.  BDTI, which is still being run by his former partner, is the Consumer Reports of digital signal processing, specializing in microprocessors that deal with radio and voice.  SmartTouch offered a new way of paying your bills -- with your fingerprint -- and was sold to Solidus Networks in 2002.

Phil loves the start-up world and hopes to find a new start-up opportunity after he finishes his book. He lives in the East Bay with his wife, has been attending the Burning Man Festival for almost 15 years, and enjoys welding, kinetic sculpture, fire art, and motorcycling.