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2003 - Julie Letchner

Ever since her first Computer Science class at Stanford, Julie knew that she was going to study Robotics.  What started as an interest in robotics and then GPS sensors, has flourished into a passion for developing scalable techniques to extract useful information from low-level sensor data. 

Radio Frequency ID (RFID) sensors enable the collection of location data that is crucial to improving processes across a variety of industries.  In order to fully utilize all of the data collected by RFID devices, Julie has developed a database and algorithms to turn masses of previously useless data into information that can be used to understand location information and usage patterns.  With this technology she can now predict how often something is likely to occur¬, for instance the likelihood a specific cart will be needed for a certain type of surgery at a particular moment in time.  This enables hospitals to more accurately plan when and where equipment is needed and ensure it’s readily accessible in the right locations.

During her Master’s studies in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics at Stanford, Julie spent several summers working with haptic interfaces, in which a joystick pushes back on the user, helping surgeons learn the sensation of cutting through muscle tissue.   When she finishes the Ph.D. program in Computer Science at the University of Washington this summer, Julie hopes to work in an industrial research lab affiliated with a tech company.  Julie has a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Stanford, loves dancing salsa, speaks French, and spent several months in France working on surgical robotics.