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2003 - Jerome Clavel

In 15 years, Jerome has lived and worked in seven different countries across three continents and speaks French, German, and English fluently, in addition to basic Swahili, which he taught himself while living in Africa.
After graduating with an engineering degree from the Ecole Centrale in his hometown of Paris, France, Jerome sought employment abroad with Vinci Construction, the world's largest civil engineering company.  Jerome was originally planning to work in Berlin, Germany, but ended up going to Kenya and Uganda instead.  There, he implemented cost controls systems, thrived on project turnaround, and eventually managed the Uganda subsidiary.  Though he was successful in improving profit margins, Jerome sought a broader perspective and a more challenging career—leading first to a senior consulting position at A.T. Kearney and then an MBA degree at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management.
Armed with business experience and the desire to make an impact, Jerome entered the medical devices industry with the intention of improving patient care and furthering technological advancement in the field.  After over seven years in the medical devices field, he continues to enjoy the intellectual stimulation, richness, and complexity of his work implementing revolutionary new devices.  In his current position as the Marketing Director for Transcatheter Heart Valves at Medtronic Inc., Jerome is pioneering the future of cardiac care.  His products enable physicians to treat patients with diseased heart valves without open-chest surgery.  An artificial replacement valve is delivered to the heart through a catheter inserted in the leg via a small incision or puncture.  Though not approved in the US yet, this device already shows great promise in Europe and elsewhere in the world where over 7,500 patients have benefited from it in over 32 countries.