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2003 - Jed Taylor

Jed has leveraged his background in computer science and business to help an 11-person tech start-up grow its revenue from $0 in 2007 to several million dollars during one of the worst recessions in U.S. history.

Jed is Director of Sales and Marketing at Pattern Insight, founded by Jed’s Computer Science thesis advisor and other UIUC alumni.  Pattern Insight’s enterprise software indexes, searches, and analyzes semi-structured data to assist companies in their development, testing, and support of large code bases.  Companies may use the same lines of code across a variety of products.  If they find a bug in one product, it is usually difficult to find all the instances of that bug in the company’s other products.  Pattern Insight’s software identifies these instances, saving companies quality assurance time and potential errors.

On the side, Jed recently started a company that helps small businesses in Illinois market themselves.  He helps teenagers cultivate core communication skills, enjoys connecting with fellow Siebel Scholars – both online and at conferences, and is passionate about personal finance, making time to manage finances for a small portfolio of clients.

Jed has an undergraduate degree from Utah State University, and Master’s in Computer Science and MBA degrees from UIUC.  Prior to his graduate work, Jed spent several years working as an Engineer and then as a Project Manager for Honeywell Aerospace, where he managed multi-million dollar international information technology projects.  He lives in Illinois with his wife, and three (soon to be four) children.