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2002 - Timothy Eck

Growing up, Tim Eck was fascinated by both sides of the magician’s art: the captivating power of illusion and the mechanics behind it.  But it was a visit to Walt Disney World that convinced him to pursue the “magic” of animatronics and the creation of characters that interact with people in a lifelike fashion.

As a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon, he pursued a Master’s degree in Entertainment Technology, a newly established interdisciplinary program between the schools of Computer Science and Fine Art.  At CMU, he also co-founded the Interactive Animatronics Initiative to research applications for conversational interactive animatronics in theme parks, museums, and location-based entertainment venues. 

Tim’s early goal is one that is still considered the pinnacle of animatronics.  He continues to pursue it as a Senior Engineer at Walt Disney World’s Design and Engineering Division, where he works on the next generation of character-based experiences for Disney’s global theme parks. Over the long term, he wants to create technologies that enable new interactive entertainment experiences, contributing to the magic that first inspired him as a child.