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2002 - Sundar Pichai

Sundar Pichai’s decisions at work each day affect millions of users.  His goal is to keep that number rising rapidly.  As a Vice President of Product Management at Google, Sundar has been responsible for the development of Internet products and services such as the Google Toolbar, the Chrome browser, and the much-anticipated Chrome operating system.

A native of India, Sundar was committed to ensuring that his work would make a difference for people in developing countries.  Sundar completed his Master’s in Business Administration at Wharton and was working for McKinsey & Company when a friend with a job offer from Google asked for his advice about joining the company.  Studying the prospects for his friend convinced Sundar that the Internet and Google had the power to change people’s lives, and he joined the company in 2004. 

Today, Sundar is leading his team at Google to enable a faster, safer, easier computing experience.  Their hope is that the products they are building will help make computing significantly simpler and lower-cost, so that people in less affluent countries can access information just as easily as people in countries that are more well-to-do.

Sundar is just as passionate about his family as his work, spending “every other ounce of time outside work” with his wife and two young children.