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2002 - Jennifer Bratton

When Jennifer was a little girl, she would figure out the shortest distance between two points and walk as directly as she could from one point to another.  Now, as a Principal at The Boston Consulting Group, she has carved a niche for herself working almost exclusively on supply chain, procurement and manufacturing cases, helping companies to optimize their inventory and delivery processes while assessing overall operational strategy.

Jennifer jokes that her favorite word is “efficiency.”  Indeed, she practices what she preaches.  As she helps companies streamline and enhance their operations to achieve maximum impact, she too ensures she makes the most of every minute—working at BCG, spending additional hours on BCG’s Career Development Committee, caring for her two young children—while still leaving herself some time to garden and read.

Jennifer is a former competitive swimmer, having secured many a victory from the childhood lesson she continues to apply:  the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.