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2002 - Hui Fang

Hui Fang admits he’s not a great photographer, but he was so interested in image enhancement that his doctoral research focused on building new editing tools to modify image texture. 

Computer vision and image enhancement can make it easier to edit photos as well as computer-generated imagery.  As a Ph.D. student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Hui took a novel approach to image enhancement, replacing or deforming textures in an image and applying them for better-looking digital modifications.  Hui’s work was featured in New Scientist.

Hui joined the Google Earth team in 2006, preparing and processing satellite images for inclusion in Google’s database.  Digital images are far more complex than text and are more difficult for artificial intelligence and search engines to find.  What’s more, computer vision is crucial to Google application functionality, such as smart navigation in Google Street View and facial recognition in Picasa.  Intrigued by these challenges, Hui decided to use his expertise to help analyze images, and transitioned to Google Research.  He enjoys the creativity and challenge of research, coupled with the deadlines and emphasis on practicality typical of research in a corporate setting.