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2001 - Sundar Iyer

Storage and communications technology giants quickly acquired Sundar Iyer’s first two companies, and he recently started a third venture.  But Sundar says the driving force behind his forays into entrepreneurship is not a particular passion or skill for technology or business.  Instead, he is drawn to interesting problems with practical value that have elegant mathematical solutions.

While he was still a full-time student in Stanford’s graduate engineering program, Sundar was a founding member of SwitchOn Networks, a packet content processing company. The company was acquired by semiconductor manufacturer PMC-Sierra in 2000.  Later in 2003, Sundar commercialized his Ph.D. research at Stanford and founded Nemo Systems.  This second venture provided technology for enhanced network memory performance, and was acquired by Cisco Systems in 2005.  The MIT Technology Review acknowledged his technical accomplishments by naming him to its prestigious list of “35 Innovators under 35,” in 2008.  Sundar is continuing to focus on the problem of memory performance for a more generic market space with his latest venture, Memoir Systems.

Sundar looks into the future for the types of challenges that interest him the most.  These issues may not be widely understood and may hold strategic advantage for companies that pursue them.  He investigates and learns about these topics from his network of friends, colleagues, and industry veterans, and picks from trends and topics that have a common thread and widespread benefits.  It’s an approach that has earned the trust, confidence, and support of others - from potential competitors to venture capitalists.

Sundar has a Ph.D. and a master’s degree in Computer Science from Stanford University’s School of Engineering, and a bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay.  He is an avid reader, ballroom dancer, triathlete, and plays the guitar.