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2001 - Kevin Lalande

Kevin has reinvented himself several times already – and with each move, taught himself about a variety of market sectors.  Today, he is Managing Director of Santé Ventures, a $132 million early-stage life science and healthcare venture capital firm.

Kevin realized his career path of entrepreneurship when he met his wife’s family of entrepreneurs in high school.  While he enjoyed computer programming in his youth, and spent several years as an engineer, he changed course to develop expertise in business and set his sights on working at McKinsey & Company.  Kevin studied business school texts to prepare for his interviews and landed his dream job.  That summer, however, he and a friend founded NetProfit, a web design and hosting company, and he chose to postpone his McKinsey position by a year so he could establish the company.  After selling NetProfit to an advertising agency, Kevin founded Serus, an intuitive and easy to use HTML editor and website administration tool.  He accepted his McKinsey position during his first year with Serus, and sold Serus the following year to Netopia.  After two years with McKinsey, Kevin founded TimeMarker, a reverse auction for golf tee times, which he sold to PrimeHoldings.

Though he had already started and sold three companies, Kevin wanted a more formal business education and enrolled in the MBA program at Harvard Business School.  In the summer between his first and second year of business school, he explored the other side of launching a business and interned at Austin Ventures, where he stayed for seven years after Harvard.  Again reinventing himself, he began studying medical school texts, left telecom investing, and spun out his own life sciences venture capital firm from Austin Ventures, where he remains today.